Breakfast Bonanza – The Ultimate Waffle Toppings to Help Your Appetite

One of the favorite breakfast treats for most people is the incomparable waffle. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a warm, beautifully prepared breakfast of waffles with their favorite toppings ever? Waffles may be just amazing by themselves but augmenting your breakfast selections with amazing toppings can really make the day of anyone who appreciates amazing breakfasts. And toppings are usually made by combining various ingredients like cream, fruit, BONANZAJP mayo and chocolate syrups to bring out the best from each of them.

So what are some of the best and most popular of these amazing ingredients that you can add to your waffle to enhance its amazing flavor even more? Here are a few ideas that are sure to get your mouth watering:

– Macadamia nuts: For all those lovers of food of the nutty sort, chopped Macadamia nuts can give you that ultimate breakfast table high! Roasted Macadamia nuts with maple syrup or honey on your waffle can make any breakfast time an hour to look forward to. Amazing way to kick start your day!

– Butter: For all the waffle purists out there, nothing beats a slice of butter to bring out the pure, true and classic taste of an amazing waffle. And there’s no more delectable sight than to watch a huge slab of butter melting on your waffle. Mmmm.

– Peanut Butter: This is the all-time American favorite that kids just love. There are few things better than to slowly spread butter over a hot waffle you desperately want to take a bite out of. Who can deny the appeal of this mouth watering delight?


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