Integration of SAP Netweaver

In the present era, where SAP companies are struggling to fuse the various heterogeneous environment in their organization and maintain a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Netweaver comes as a solution to all their problems. SAP Netweaver is the latest advancement in the SAP Technologies, which was developed as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) shell that accepts standard comments literally as domain experts speak them.

Modularity is the unique feature of Netweaver that makes it stand out amongst other software technologies. The knowledge engineer can more easily create “digestible chunks” of modules or sub-dependency networks, which help to keep the overarching dependency network from becoming potentially incomprehensible because of obvious complexity. The following plain text is aimed at expanding SAP Netweaver architecture and its interoperability with Microsoft.NET and IBM WebSpere.

In simple words, Netweaver is an application and Integration platform in which Web Services plays a major role and which is open for Non-SAP applications and platform.
Using Netweaver to improve the organizations productivity and enhance efficiency by making all the resources that are available in an enterprise to work collectively. To bring heterogeneous environment at one platform SAP Netweaver can be used. In addition, by using this technology we can use the existing systems without putting in much investment. Further in the near future, the various SAP Companies and Organizations have to take a decision for some common platform; could be Microsoft .NET, IBM Websphere or SAP Netweaver. Irrespective of selecting, SAP Netweaver is the one that integrates with all the three technologies.

SAP Netweaver attains the process of integration by integrating all the available heterogeneous resources of the existing system and combining them into a homogeneous form. This integrated information forms the basis of total, comprehendible, focused solution as preferred in an enterprise.

Advantages of SAP Netweaver

Enhanced Adaptability: Enhanced adaptability actually refers to the adaptability of SAP Netweaver towards the existing Business System in any organization without investment. It provides a heterogeneous environment, by integrating the various applications; databases and making available open technologies like web services readily available to the user. It saves money and time on unnecessary customization of the existing business System.

Lower TCO: SAP Netweaver instead of replacing the existing system interweaves the various resources like databases, legacy systems; Internet based Information and provides a heterogeneous Environment for the user to get the maximum from the new unified system. It will also prevent the unnecessary customization of the entire system. Moreover, it reduces complexity and makes the system more comprehendible and flexible to the frequently changing business processes. All of these lead to reduce the total cost of ownership.

Better ROI: SAP Netweaver increases the return on investment in 會計系統   a shorter period. As mentioned earlier, by using this SAP Netweaver technology IT strategies can be synchronized with SAP solutions. This synchronization makes the system more reliable and it leads to better assessment services, which in turn lead to financial benefits.

Netweaver uses a very transparent process to provide the ability to trace the logic structure right from the raw data to information, which can be used for analysis. Developing portal content on your preferred platform is possible. Interoperability of SAP Netweaver with Microsoft .NET and IBM Hemisphere takes at People, Information and process level. For Microsoft .NET, Saps .NET connector provides a vastly scalable and reliable communication infrastructure, as well as a Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Add-In to simplify development. SAP customers and SAP partners will easily build SAP enabled components using Java Using Saps Java middleware and the SAP Java Connector. Thus, helping decision makers to interpret and manipulate the output of the decision model that provides precisely robust knowledge about complex problems. Hence, making SAP Netweaver is a Complete Solution and Integration with various applications and platforms that are used in various organizations.


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