Starting Your Own Real Estate Agency – Finding Clients

So you have all of the relevant qualifications and you have decided to set off on your own. You have an office and may even have a few staff to help you handle the coming deluge of clients. The only problem? The clients aren’t coming yet. Part of this will be down to the fact that your real estate agency is brand new. After all, many clients will be looking for an estate agent that has experience behind them to work on their transaction.

Of course, your task is to get to that point so you need to find some clients. There are a number of methods that you can use to find more.

Use Your Accreditation

Clients want to know that you are able to do the job, which in most cases means having a portfolio of previous work. For the new business this isn’t always possible. Instead try to ensure that any accreditation you have is prominently displayed and advertised to potential clients. Some will recognise that you have put the work in to get to that point and if you can display the appropriate levels of skill and confidence when they meet you they can start a snowball effect of new clients.


Practically every locality has networking events that are available for people in business. Men and women from all walks of life attend such events, looking for business Newport Residences Price opportunities or just to make contact with people that may prove useful to them in the future. Get out there and get known. Introduce yourself and your business to as many people as possible. After all, you never know who is looking to buy or sell a house before talking to them. If you make the right impression you could snag a great client.

Wise Hiring

If your business is in the position to hire people it may be wise to go for an experienced head over somebody who is fresh into the industry. This way you can market the business as being a fresh new face in the real estate industry while also offering a level of experience to clients who are a little wary. Experienced estate agents can also provide advice that they have learned along the way, making them very valuable employees. Just be careful that you don’t end up hiring a shyster who damages the reputation of the business.

Offer the Clients Something Different

Many clients are under the impression that estate agents all offer the same service, so it is important to ensure your new business stands out from the crowd. Think of something unique that you can offer a client and advertise it. This could be something relating to the commission you charge or perhaps a free valuation of their home. Anything that will set you apart and get your foot in the door. As the business becomes more established such offers will not be as vital assuming you maintain a good relationship, however they can certainly help in the early days as long as you don’t offer too much.


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