Tattoos Today

Tattooing is an art form where there is pigment inserted into the skin of people in order to create a decoration or a message of some sort.

Their history dates back to the Stone Age and roughly 8 to 10,000 years ago in both Europe, Asia and Japan. Tattoos have been seen to exist on the skin of ancient mummies.

There are many cultures where this is totally an acceptable practice including on the face. Other cultures although it is present in the society it is not really typical in the business community. In some cultures it has specific meaning or connotations such as in Japan where tattoos are associated with traditional organized crime groups. In other cultures they may have other meanings such as spiritual, religious, for convicts, about love, bravery, protection against evil, etc.

Animals have marks put on them for identification and this sort of marking unfortunately has been used on people as well such as the marking of Jews in the concentration camps in World War II.

More people have tattoos than one might think with approximately 16% of adults in the United States having at least one as of the year 2003. They have come in and out of popularity and in and out of the culture. Tattoos to the lower section of a woman’s back has become popular where they generally had a negative connotation on women priorly.
Military units have been known to use tattoos in both the United States and in England.

The techniques for creating the tattoos has become more sophisticated over the years. Going from a single needle wrapped in thread soaked in dye which was poked into the skin, to an engraving machine in the late 1800s, to today there are machines that have many needles and which go in and out of the skin 100 or more times per second. The dyes and pigments used have also become much more diverse. Today World Info

There are health and safety precautions which must be taken so ensure that the customer does not get infected. Care must be taken after the tattoo is done to not only ensure that it does not get infected but also to prevent it from getting wet which may minimize its effect.


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