Tips on World of Warcraft Farming

As a new player you should know that one of the major talking points of this game is how to make World of Warcraft gold, without it you will have a hard time leveling up and gaining better gear/honor/rep in the game. Some of you probably want to find out this by your self but if you’re not one of them, keep reading.

How Do You Get World of Warcraft Gold?

In this article I’ll give you a few tips on how to make World of warcraft gold the fastest way possible. However if you really want the best of the best strategies i suggest that you should look for a gold guide.

One of the easiest places to make gold is the zone “Azshara”, go here and kill the blood elves which will drop items, cloth, recipes and gold, this place is for people ranging from levels 53-60 and if you’re higher than that there are some other mobs for you in this zone. The demons of Azshara will drop higher level items and more gold so if you’re at 60+ then I recommend this place.
Another place is the Eastern Plaguelands, Get to the place called “undercroft” and start grinding zombies, these will die really fast so the gold per hour is good at this spot.

A great instance for farming is The Dire Maul, this can be hard to solo if you’re below 65 so don’t go there before that level, I’ve had great success farming this instance in the past and it’s even better if you got the enchanting profession wich will increase your profit quite a lot. Because that people don’t run these kind of instances in cataclysm the prices have gone up like mad and you could make around 300 gold per hour as a disenchanter for normal runs, or up to 500 with some lucky recipe/blue/epic drops.

Another good instance is the Strathome, this place is best if you’re an AoE class like paladins, mages, warlocks but it works great for all the classes if you got disenchanting. Buy wow gold  You shouldn’t go here for making money if you’re under level 80 because you will die most of the time. The mobs here drop a lot of different items needed for many of the professions, these can be sold for loads on the Auction House for people just wanting to power level their new profession in the cataclysm expansion.

And the last instance is Uldaman, the good thing about this one is that you don’t have to be that high level to farm it, but 55+ is recommended. The mobs here will like most other instances drop good items for disenchanting, but sometimes you will get a lucky “twink” drop, if you don’t know what a twink is, it’s players getting the best possible gear for their 19/29/39/49 etc character and staying on that level purely for the reason of doing Battlegrounds. If the item is Blue and Binds on Equip then you can get up to 20k gold, an example of this is the PoD(Pendulum of Doom) 2h axe and I’ve personally seen people offering 30k gold for this item alone.


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