Your Resource For the Capresso Coffee Grinder

For those who want only the best from their coffee, the Capresso coffee grinder is here. Made by a company that has been around since the early nineties, Capresso is a specialist when it comes to high quality grinders for your beans, grinding them to maximize their aroma and taste.

Good coffee starts at the grinder. Grinding your coffee at home, right before you bring it to the coffeemaker, ensures that the beans retain much of their original aroma and flavor, thus the need for a grinder that will grind you the amounts you need only during the time you need them. The Capresso coffee grinder is made for quick, easy and proper grinding wherever and whenever you need your coffee fix. Durable, safe and easy to clean, you are bound to find the grinder you need among Capresso’s selections.

The Capresso coffee grinder line is classified into three main categories: conical burr grinders, burr grinders and blade grinders. Each class comes with their own price tags, and each one has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Let us tackle them one by one:

Blade grinders grind by a set of high speed rotating blades. This kind of Capresso coffee grinder is the cheapest and easiest to maintain, though this also corresponds to a grind that is coarser than those of the burr and conical burr grinders. Also, the speed with which the blades rotate create a rise in temperature which may slightly diminish the quality of the finest coffee blends. These grinders are perfect for those who want the quickest and easiest caffeine fix.

Burr grinders feature an intricate setup of burrs for a mixer grinder finer grind. This Capresso coffee grinder grinds coffee at a slower speed, therefore creating less warmth, for more flavor retention. Also, the setup allows for a finer grind of your beans. This is the perfect midrange grinder for one who wants a good balance of price, speed and quality in their cup.

Conical burr coffee grinders are the one to turn to, however, if you want only the best quality grind from your beans. These create the least warmth during grinding, which ensures that most of the coffee’s original flavor and aroma are retained. This advantage, though, comes at a price, and not only with regards to the price tag. For one, conical burr grinders are some of the most difficult to maintain due to the intricacy of their near frictionless grinding surfaces. Also, these will be some of the most expensive Capresso coffee grinders you will encounter.

This ends our discussion of the Capresso coffee grinder. Now all you need is to pick which type of grinder suits your purposes the best, and you will be on your way to enjoying your coffee the way only Capresso grinders can offer you.

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